As a dedicated hair supplier, we understand that choosing the right hair color is a crucial aspect of creating stunning transformations for your clients. In this guide, we’ll share insights and tips to make the process of selecting hair colors from Helen Hair Wholesale an effortless and enjoyable experience for you, the salon owners.

Understanding Client Preferences

The first step to helping a client choose the right hair color is to conduct a consultation. This will give you a chance to learn about their hair goals, skin tone, and lifestyle. Ask them questions about what they like and dislike about their current hair color, and what they hope to achieve with a new color.

Begin by having a conversation with your clients about their preferences. Are they seeking a natural look, vibrant colors, or subtle highlights? Knowing your client’s style and personality will guide you in selecting the perfect hair color from our diverse range.

Consider Skin Tone

Begin by assessing your client’s skin tone. Understanding whether they have warm, cool, or neutral undertones will significantly influence the hair color choices that will complement them best. Our expertly curated range at Helen Hair offers options suitable for all skin tones.

The color of your skin can play a big role in determining which hair colors will look best on your clients. Warm skin tones, such as olive or peach, typically look good with warm hair colors, such as golden blonde, copper, or auburn. Cool skin tones, such as fair or pale, typically look good with cool hair colors, such as ash blonde, platinum, or silver.

Show Them Options

Once you have a good understanding of your client’s needs, it’s time to show them some options

You can use a hair color wheel to help them visualize different colors and shades. Having these charts in your salon allows clients to see how different colors harmonize with their skin tone, empowering them to make confident decisions about their desired look. You can also show them photos of celebrities or models with similar hair colors.

Sampling And Testing

Encourage clients to sample hair colors before committing to a full application. It’s important to be honest with your clients about what they can achieve with their hair color. If they’re not willing to bleach their hair, for example, you don’t want to promise them a platinum blonde that’s not possible. 

Be honest about the process and the potential results. Sampling and consulting ensure satisfaction and build trust in your salon’s commitment to delivering the best results!


By following these tips, you can help your clients choose the perfect hair color for their individual needs and goals. Choosing the perfect hair color is an art. With Helen Hair Wholesale, you’re not just a salon owner – you’re a curator of beauty, and we’re here to empower your artistic journey.


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