Follow these tips along with your Hair Routine to reveal your best hair during this ’23 Winter!

Prevent Exposure

Wearing your hair in a protective style is the best way to protect the strands from extreme temperature.

Avoid Hot Water

It feels good to warm up by stepping into a steaming hot shower. However, water and steam suck out the moisture from the hair, making it more vulnerable to breakage. Cool water seals down the cuticles making the hair look shinier.

Extend Hair Washing Days

Shampoo removes away the natural oils that do the job of protecting the strands. Winter is the perfect time to start spreading out washing days and swiftly concealing any bad hair days under the coat.

Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair

When hair is wet, it’s 3 times more fragile than when it’s dry. Never -and I mean never- go outside with wet or humid hair: it can freeze and break!

Give Hair Extra Love And Care During These Months

Conditioning the hair in the winter is very important to help add hydration back into it. Being consistent with moisturizing the hair can be done in many ways: using a lightweight balancing conditioner that can work as a leave-in after the shower, deep conditioning treatments that include locking moisture ingredients, or sealing the ends with your favorite hair oil when it starts to feel frizzy.


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